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Appleby Fair - 3 June - 5 June 2011


Appleby Fair

3 June 2011 to 5 June 2011


This event has now been held


Appleby Fair set up by public sector agencies who co-ordinate the Fair, to make the event safer and more enjoyable for everyone.

The Fair is an annual gathering of Gypsies and Travellers in the town of Appleby in Cumbria, which takes place on the first week in June, from Thursday to the following Wednesday, but this is essentially a weekend event the main days being the Friday, Saturday and Sunday, for the 2011 Fair this will be Friday 3 2011 to Sunday 5 June 2011.


For more information about the organisation of the event, please go to the official site: -


Please find a map to the location of Appleby Fair: -

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