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Fear and Hope Website Survey and Together Campaign Launch


Fear & Hope website has a report on one of the largest and most comprehensive surveys ever commissioned examining attitudes to English identity, faith and race, because we wanted people of goodwill to be armed with the facts about the new politics of identity that the mainstream political parties have yet to take fully on board.

Searchlight Educational Trust commissioned the polling organisation Populus to explore the issues of English identity, faith and race. The Fear and HOPE survey gives a snapshot of current attitudes in society today. It explores the level of fear, hate and hope. It details what pulls us apart and what brings us together. With 5,054 respondents and 91 questions it is one of the largest and most comprehensive surveys into attitude, identity and extremism in the UK to date.

Please keep checking the website as more information will be added and further details of the Together campaign that is being launched: -

Nick Lowles, Searchlight Educational Trust

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