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'End Racism This Generation' Campaign

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End Racism This Generation is a three-year public awareness and advocacy campaign led by Runnymede. It will inspire action to tackle racial inequality, support people to work together in new ways to tackle racism and create lasting solutions to racial injustice so that the next generation will live in a fair, just and equal society.

In 2013, racism and racial inequality still exist in the UK. The ethnic group which you are born into still has a significant impact on your life chances. This does not have to be true for ever. Racism is a created by our society, and it is within our power to eliminate it.

By pledging to take specific actions within our own lives, workplaces and communities, every individual and organisation in the UK can help end racism

Our Goal

Our vision is of a society without racism. Racism is a pervasive force in our society and its impact is felt across communities.

  • If your child is from a Black Caribbean background they are three times more likely to be excluded from school.
  • If you are a Black or Minority Ethnic university graduate you are three times as likely to be underemployed.
  • If you are Black you are 7 times more likely to be stopped and searched than your white peers. If you are Asian you will be stopped and searched 2.2 times more than your white peers.
  • One in five Bangladeshi households fear racist harassment.
  • Since 1993, ninety-six people have been killed in racist attacks.

Our goal is for all people, regardless of race, to feel equal in terms of access to education, security, justice and employment, and to be equally represented in culture, the media and government.

This will allow the next generation to have the chance to fulfill their potential and contribute to a harmonious multi-ethnic Britain.

Get Involved

End Racism This Generation is a pledge-based campaign which is wholly dependent on public action.

Individuals and organisations will make a pledge on our new interactive and informative campaign website declaring the action they will take in order to End Racism This Generation. This platform will allow people to connect with other people in their area taking action, and to be inspired by other pledges.

People are already taking steps to end racism all over the country. End Racism This Generation will encourage others to pledge to take action too and support everyone working together on solutions we know to be effective, sharing ideas and strengthening our message.

Pledges can take the form of personal declarations to find out more about how racism operates, or to contribute to local and national debates on race. Someone may choose to volunteer for a local organisation working against race discrimination, or simply pledge to spread the word about how to tackle racism through their social media networks.

A business might pledge to work harder to ensure its employees reflect the make up of the population at all levels of the business, including the boardroom. A university might declare that it will take action in ensuring equality of educational experience for its minority students. A voluntary sector organisation might pledge to highlight how its work reduces racial inequality. And everyone could support the campaign by making a donation.

Your pledge is totally up to you. No action is too small, no pledge too insignificant. Together we can build a movement to End Racism This Generation.

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