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Sharing the Spirit of Ramadan in Carlisle


Sharing the Spirit of Ramadan in Carlisle

As it is the month of Ramadan, the Muslim community in Carlisle and around the world, from all walks of life spend their daylight hours from dawn fasting and look forward to breaking their fast in the evening with their families and friends, when the sun sets.

The meal they have at this time is called ‘IFTAR’. This year members of Carlisle Mosque congregation decided to share their IFTAR meal with their neighbours.

A dozen young Muslim volunteers distributed a freshly cooked IFTAR meal to over one hundred households in the vicinity of Carlisle Mosque on Brook Street.

The Imam of Carlisle Mr Abdul Rashid said: “From many reasons for fasting, one is to empathise with the millions around the world who are not so fortunate to have ample food or drink. That is why we want to share the spirit of Ramadan with everyone who fast and those who may not know why we fast by inviting them to join us in our IFTAR meal.”

Aftab Khan, Development Officer, AWAZ Cumbria – an organisation that supports black and minority ethnic communities across Cumbria welcomed the new initiative by the members of the Carlisle Muslim community, saying: “The engagement of Muslim young people, women and businesses in preparing and distributing the IFTAR meal to people of all faiths and no religion or faith in the neighbourhood during the month of Ramadan will significantly contribute in fostering good relations, promoting community cohesion and tackling prejudice and hate.”

The local residents overwhelmingly welcomed the volunteers from the Muslim community at their doorsteps, some with surprise and few asked questions to know more about Ramadan and IFTAR meal.  A number of residents sent thank you cards to the Mosque for providing them with the opportunity to know more about the spirit of Ramadan and for sharing the IFTAR meal.


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