UN World Youth Report 2013 Online Consultation

until 23 February

UN World Youth Report 2013

Call for Youth to Join Online Consultation for the UN World Youth Report 2013: Youth and Migration

The theme of the World Youth Report 2013 is ‘Youth and Migration’. The report will address youth migration from a youth viewpoint, accommodating young peoples’ concerns over migration from their own perspectives, based on their own experiences, and in their own voices. 

For this purpose, the United Nations Focal Point on Youth of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs invites young people between the ages of 15 and 35 to share their views on the opportunities, challenges, and the impacts of migration on them. Young people can participate in many of the online interactive activities including e-consultations, Google+ hangout and surveys from 23 January to 22 February 2013 .

Share your stories, views and suggestions and encourage other young people to join the global conversation on youth migration at:  http://www.unworldyouthreport.org. Email us at: youth@un.org if you or your organization would like to collaborate with us in enhancing youth participation in this process

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