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"A voice for disabled people in Cumbria"

Cumbria Disability Network was established by a number of Cumbria's disability organisations to provide a forum for the county's disability organisations to meet together to share information and raise and pursue matters of concern to effect policy and practice, particularly in relation to local authorities and statutory services.

A core group of disability organisations meet, this includes the main associations from each of Cumbria's districts and representatives of people with sensory impairments, learning difficulties and those with mental health problems. The member groups feel it is very important to create mechanisms for informing and consulting with all disability-related organisations in Cumbria. The network aims to promote co-ordinated action to eradicate any disability discrimination which operates in Cumbria and to promote and support good practice in relation to disability issues.

There are also meetings in each of the main geographical areas of Cumbria with the aim of giving local people a chance to participate by sharing their experiences and to hear about relevant developments planned by either the county or the district councils. This a particularly important development as the councils publish their Disability Equality Schemes and continue to work toward "Local Government Equality Standards”

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