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Richard Rose donates old computers to Disability Association Carlisle & Eden for IT Training

News & Star, 24 September 2011 

A Carlisle school – which moved into a new building in September – has donated some of its old computers to a disability charity as part of an IT recycling project.

Disability Association Carlisle and Eden (DaCE), based at Kingstown in Carlisle, has taken delivery of the old computers from the Richard Rose Morton Academy.

Vulnerable Cumbrians urged to get Winter Flu Jab from 3 October

News & Star, Saturday, 24 September 2011 

Vulnerable people in Cumbria are being urged to get vaccinated as the 2011 winter flu campaign prepares to launch in the county.

Figures released by NHS Cumbria show an extra 232 people died last winter compared to the average expected over the whole year.

Many of those who died will have suffered from conditions such as heart disease, breathing problems and other common illnesses made worse by flu.

NHS Cumbria Event to get Stakeholder's to work more closely together on WMH Day


This event has now been held

NHS Cumbria is holding a special event next month, to explain how the county can work better to improve local people’s wellbeing and mental health.

Misleading Government Disability Benefit Statistics

Benefit claimants and top-rate taxpayers

Ekklesia, 27 July 2011

A glance at the front pages of this morning's papers gives a brief snapshot of the grotesque reality of ConDem Britain. The Daily Mail and Daily Express lead with vicious and misleading attacks on disabled benefit claimants, while the Daily Telegraph reports on Boris Johnson's call for very wealthy people to pay less tax.

Welcome to the UK under David Cameron, where the poorest are blamed for the nation's problems while the richest are portrayed as victims.

More ATOS Criticisms

Making the disabled wait for support is cruel, 20 July 2011

The government's proposals to 'reform' welfare will punish the disabled. We must not abandon the concept of a fair society

The Hardest Hit march by disabled people received a fraction of the coverage of similar protests against government cuts. Photograph: Sarah Lee for the Guardian


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