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One World Still, Monthly Hour of Global Stillness, 15 December, 7pm, GMT


One World Still

Monthly Hour of Global Stillness

15 December, 7pm, GMT

1 World Still 15 Dec Monthly

December 15th, 7pm GMT is the next date for One World Still's monthly Global Hour of Stillness. This month we have a new way for you to help spread the Stillness. If you join our Thunderclap a message will go out to over 200,000 people the day before we come together to be silent and still.

Thunderclap is simply a way to send a wave of online attention for a project or cause and we think this fits wonderfully with our aim to create a global and simultaneous shift toward a new collective consciousness. But we need your help. So far we have 102 supporters with a social reach of 80,000 people. The message will only be sent once we reach 250.

If everyone who feels an affinity with our attempts to create simultaneous stillness goes to:

> > < <

and clicks one of the Orange buttons to Support with Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr then we will instantly reach our goal of 250 supporters - and the message will go out around the world.

Without your help the message may not get sent. Please support this project now.


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