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Hour of Stillness, 5 October, Worldwide

1 World Still

I am excited to share with you the launch for our new project called One World Still. We would like to invite you to have a look at to learn more about this initiative.

When someone asks me what One World Still is.... This is how I answer the question:

One World Still is a non-profit collective with members from every place on the globe. We gather people from all over the world to be still, simultaneously. Once a month - for a set hour - we come together to be calm, silent and still. You can join us in a designated Still Space, in a group that you lead, or on your own.

Our mission is to unite the world through stillness to help the shift toward a new collective consciousness. 

If you like what you see, please help us to spread the word. We would love for you to become a Messenger for your area for the first Hour of Stillness that's taking place worldwide on October 5. 

Being a Messenger is simple and doesn't take much time. All you have to do is go to, register on the site and let us know you want to lead in your area. Then start spreading the word to your network of friends. You don't have to lead the meditation itself - your role will be to encourage people to meet and be still together, and then feedback to us how the experience was for everyone.

Every project begins as the dream of one person. But to be successful the dream must exist in the minds of the whole community. You have received this email because if I do this project alone it will fail. I know that you have the knowledge and the skills to help this project succeed and to make the dream come true.

Mark Drost - Founder of One World Still

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