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Cumbria Police ~ Domestic Violence


Cumbria Police ~ Domestic Violence

 cumbria domestic violence

On average Cumbria Police deal with over 17 incidents of domestic violence every day across the county with almost half of these being against people who have experienced violence before.


Cumbria Police are committed to supporting those who are affected by domestic violence, protecting the victims and bringing the offenders to justice. In order to do this we work closely with our partners and have a multi-agency approach and together we can make a difference.


These internet pages have been developed to give more information on the following, please click in the links to find out more:

• What is domestic violence?

• Safety advice for victims

• Support available from the Police

• Information for offenders

• Other support services available


Everyone is entitled to live safely without fear of violence or abuse.


If you, or someone you know is suffering from domestic violence we are here to help you. Talk to us or someone you trust and together we can stop domestic violence.


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