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South Lakeland Housing Survey, Important Deadline 30 June


This consultation has now closed


This is your opportunity to help shape

South Lakeland's housing plans.

Whatever your housing situation, whether you're happily housed and settled, house-hunting or you live with someone who is, have just moved or are intending to move within the next five years, we are keen to have your views.

Questionnaires are being sent to a percentage of households across the district. So if a survey form arrives through your door in early June, please complete & return it in the Freepost envelope provided by Thursday 30th June.

South Lakeland District Council, working with the Lake District National Park Authority, has commissioned a company called arc4 Ltd (assisted by Cumbria Rural Housing Trust) to undertake a strategic Housing Survey for the District. It is important to get a good return rate for the survey from all parts of the District, so that a detailed picture can be created showing the ‘mosaic' of housing situations in different parts of South Lakeland, to inform present and future housing plans. This survey looks at the wide range of housing needs in the area, not only affordable housing, and it is especially important due to the housing and employment plans under discussion for the area.


The survey is due to arrive by post onto about 16,800 doormats in early June and it is important that the households complete and return the survey forms by Thursday 30th June.

Many South Lakeland communities, especially those in rural areas, know that very little housing is affordable to local people on local wages. This survey hopes to show the full picture about local wages and the affordability gap. Please can you answer the questions about your income and savings to show the true local situation? The survey does not request any bank details, only an approximation of wages and savings. This information will help to assess where there is (or is not) a need for more suitable housing. arc4 are covered by the Data Protection Act and all survey responses will be kept strictly confidential and only used for the housing assessment.

Some parish-level Housing Needs Surveys have been done in South Lakeland in the past few years, but these concentrated mainly on affordable and local housing, whilst this Strategic survey is looking at the wider housing needs and related issues that are affecting the area.

The questionnaires are being sent to around 36% of households in the District, and a good return rate is needed from all areas, all ages, and all types of households to ensure a good picture of the true housing situation is collated.

If you need help completing your form or further information is required, advice is available from arc4 Ltd by calling 0800 6129 133.

Assistance is also available from: - Age UK South Lakeland - 01539728180 or at their Office in Kendal, or from the Cumbria Multi-cultural Service – 01229 833933 or 07500785385.

If extra copies of the questionnaire are needed, these can be obtained by phoning 0800 6129 133, or you can complete the survey on if you don't receive a survey form in the post).

Please could you complete and return your form in the freepost envelope by Thursday 30 June 2011?


This consultation is now closed.

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