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Tuesday, 12th April 2011

Govt "Red Tape” Opinion Request

on Equality Act 2010

Tuesday, 12th April 2011

Mind Charity: Is It Misleading Asking "Whether

Equality Act 2010 Should Be

Tuesday, 12th April 2011

The Most Popular Languages on the Internet


Monday, 11th April 2011

Study finds 'mother of all languages'

All the world's languages may date back to a single 'mother tongue' spoken in pre-historic Africa, according to new research.

Monday, 11th April 2011

Equality and Human Rights Commission: Cuts


Friday, 8th April 2011

Confusion over Disability Cuts:

Denying disabled people support

Thursday, 7th April 2011

Research has found British National Party Membership is higher where whites and non-whites live separately in segregated areas.

Thursday, 7th April 2011

The European Parliament voted on new EU-wide procedures for handling asylum claims on 6 April 2011. During the session, members backed amendments that will provide particular protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people.

Thursday, 7th April 2011

Government Annual Immigration Cap

introduced on 6 April 2011:

Thursday, 7th April 2011

Public Sector Equality Duty

A new public sector equality duty has been introduced as part of the Equality Act 2010. This measure puts a legal duty on public bodies to actively promote equality.


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