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‘CHIPS’ Challenging Homophobia In Primary Schools


‘CHIPS’ Challenging Homophobia In Primary Schools


Educate and Celebrate welcomes volume 3 of Andrew Moffats’ ‘Challenging Homophobia In Primary Schools’ (CHIPS) and is very proud to advocate the resource to all primary schools across the UK to achieve our ultimate goal of making all our schools LGBT friendly.

In September 2013 Ofsted released new briefing for section 5 inspection called ‘Exploring the school’s actions to prevent and tackle homophobic and transphobic bullying’ which has 3 additional points for primary school inspection:

  1. Pupils ever hear anyone use the word ‘gay’ when describing something or whether they have been told by teachers that using the word ‘gay’ to mean something is wrong, scary or unpleasant and is wrong
  2. Pupils ever get picked on by other children for not behaving like a ‘typical girl’ or a ‘typical boy’
  3. Pupils have had any lessons about different families (single parent, living with grandparents, having step-parents, having two mums or two dads)
See an example of an inclusive ‘CHIPS’ lesson below, to download the full guide for FREE, click here


The Educate and Celebrate program will give your staff the confidence and skills to meet the new criteria. Book us for a one day consultancy at your school and you will receive:

  • Our ‘CHIPS  - Challenging Homophobia In Primary Schools’ resource: 20 literacy lesson plans for classes Reception – Y6.
  • A whole set of the 19 children’s books used in the resource (extra sets of books can be ordered).

The aim is to give your staff team practical advice and support based on experience, delivered by a teacher for teachers. We will demonstrate with the right ethos how schools can teach about different families to children from all communities.

Please contact for details.

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