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Gay & Bisexual Women and Cervical Screening Tests


Are you ready for your Screen Test?

LGF informs Gay & Bisexual Women they are required to have a Cervical Screening Test

The Cervical Screening Programme is an awareness raising campaign by the LGF

Aimed at lesbian & bisexual women living in the North West who need cervical screening; all women with a cervix need to get screened regularly (every 3 years aged 25-49 & every 5 years aged 50-64), regardless of who they sleep with, or who they have ever slept with in the past.

Research has found that HPV (which causes cervical cancer) can be passed on during sexual activity between two women, through exchange of body fluids.

NHS advice used to state that you may ‘choose to decline' your invite if you do not sleep with men. However, this changed in 2009. The NHS now advises all women to attend screening regardless of sexual orientation or sexual behaviour.


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